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"Providing a Holistic Approach to Wellness"
Essential FacialEssential Facial

Essential Facial

Using our natural product line.... this deep cleansing facial includes a cleanse, exfoliation, relaxing facial/neck massage, steam, therapeutic mask and serum. Reducing the skin of congestion and leaving a soft, refined and clean feeling.
60 min: $88 | Member: $78
30 min: $58 | Member: $48


Swedish Massage
"When you want to leave everything behind"
Mainly for relaxation. It reduces stress and tension. Swedish Massage moves fluids, increases the oxygen flow in the blood and releases toxins from the muscles; promoting health and well-being.
30 min: $48 | Member: $38
(neck, back & shoulders)
60 min: $68 | Member: $58
90 min: $98 | Member: $88
Bundle Of Joy
Caters to the needs of expecting mothers for all the things that come with pregnancy….i.e., stress/anxiety, aches & pains in lower back or pelvic area caused by postural shifting, reduced sleep, fatigue, swelling, etc.
60 min: $78 | Member: $68
90 min: $108 | Member: $98
Deep Tissue
(INCLUDES Cherapy Treatment) "Release those tight, wound up muscles"
For those suffering from chronically tense, stiff necks, lower back tightness and sore shoulders, created after a long day at work, sports activities or other stress factors. When muscles are stressed, they block oxygen and nutrients, leading to inflammation that builds up toxins in the muscle tissue. A Deep Tissue Massage helps loosen muscle tissues, release toxins from muscles and get blood and oxygen circulating properly. It can also help to break up and eliminate scar tissue.
60 min: $88 | Member: $78
90 min: $118 | Member: $108
Warm Stone
Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on key points on the body and are used to massage the body. The heat warms and relaxes the muscles. The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system.
75 min: $158 | Member: $148
Warm Bamboo Massage - COMING SOON
Heated Bamboo sticks allow for deeper work into the muscle, allowing you to relax and release tension. This is a great option for deep tissue lovers!
60 min: $168 | Member: $158
Couples Massage
Immerse yourselves in relaxation....Get pampered with a loved one. Our tranquil, aroma infused couples room is engulfed in candlelight and calming scents. The Swedish Massage includes aromatherapy and hot towels. Great for a Special Occasion or a "Just Because" gift. Pricing is for 2 people.
60 min: $168 | Member: $148
90 min: $228 | Member: $208
Enhancement TherapiesEnhancement Therapies

Enhancement Therapies

Hot Towels
Muscle Relief Therapy
Abdominal Detox Clay Wrap
Rejuvenating Foot Mask
Warm Stone Back
Herbal Infusion (customized blend)
Cold Stone Therapy
Foot Scrub


Bio Mat
Relax and improve your wellness using an FDA approved Far-Infrared light, Negative Ions & Amethyst quartz mat to deliver soothing, deep-penetrating heat while stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells in your body.
Reported Benefits: Improved immune function, Removes Toxins, Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness, Increases Circulation, Alleviates Headaches, Promotes Relaxation, Burns Calories, and more.
Aqua Chi
Aqua-Chi is a highly-specialized foot bath using ion enriched, energized water. The bio-charge of the aqua-chi is safely absorbed into the body which will assist your cells to eliminate and detoxify themselves more efficiently. Soak your feet in an ionized foot bath to remove toxins within. If you are tired or fatigued, Aqua Chi is a great option to give your body a boost of energy.
30 min: $58 | Member: $48

Body Scrubs

Skin Renewal
This highly addictive body scrub detoxifies and exfoliates, allowing new skin to flourish. Its main ingredient Red Rice is traditionally used in Asia as a skin refiner, removing dead cells & imparting a luminous glow to the body. It leaves your skin feeling baby soft.
60 min: $108 | Member: $98
Purple Paradise
Our Purple Corn Scrub removes dead skin cells and protects the skin due to its high antioxidant properties. Its deep cleansing effect removes toxins and impurities while protecting the skin, leaving a magical softness and luminosity with the refreshing scent of the Muña Andean plant.
60 min: $108 | Member: $98
Body WrapsBody Wraps

Body Wraps

Hidden within the leaves of the Aloe Vera plant lies one of the most fascinating ingredients, sought after by royalty and nobility for centuries. Aloe Vera Gel Wraps are great for size loss, detoxification, relaxation, skin exfoliation/hydration and sun overexposure. The gel contains enzyme active Aloe Vera, which penetrates nutrients into the body to restore elasticity and firm skin tissues. Not only does this wrap remove toxins from the body, shrinking fat cells, it also leaves your skin feeling completely hydrated and moisturized.
60 min: $128 | Member: $118

PLEASE NOTE: You will be required to shower using the Enzyme Cleanser prior to coming in for your wrap to assure pores are not clogged and ensure optimal absorption of the herbal solution. So please plan to stop in and pick up a sample bottle the day before your wrap is scheduled. Daily use of these special cleansers improve size loss by up to 40%.
Mystic Inka TreatmentMystic Inka Treatment

Mystic Inka Treatment

The Mystic Inka Ritual is a Peruvian body treatment that combines native plants with the energetic healing elements of water, fire, air and earth for an exotic journey of the senses. It consists of 4 body treatment products using ingredients indigenous to Peru and sacred to the Andean people, that are each applied in a sequence of steps inspired by ancient Inca techniques.

The first step uses purple corn to exfoliate and is based on the element of water to detoxify and create a flow of energy through the body. The second captures the element of fire with a warming Lucuma mask to relax muscles and relieve tensions, this is followed by a light regenerating sacha inchi oil massage inspired by the air element to regenerate and hydrate the skin. Lastly, a rich, nourishing Quiona Cream is applied with deeper movements to invoke the grounding element of Earth.

It's a unique experience of the senses that detoxifies, revitalizes, energizes, relaxes, softens the skin and bathes you in a magical moment of complete well-being and harmony with nature. It creates a mystic connection with the Andean people and their idea of reciprocity with nature and the energies that flow through the universe.
2.5 hours: $288 | Member: $278
Facial WaxingFacial Waxing

Facial Waxing

Face (including cheeks)
Body WaxingBody Waxing

Body Waxing

Arms (half/full)
Half Back
Exterior Buttocks
Legs (half/full)
Basic Bikini
Full Bikini
(all gone/ with or without landing strip)